“Both the Virtus and Samson brands have proven to be of excellent quality and we have no hesitation in recommending Fortis tyres and the brands they supply.”

“The beauty of the programme offered by Fortis Tyres is being able to mix all tyre segments in one container, industrial solids, pneumatics, OTR, skid steer and implement, something that we just cannot do with other suppliers.”

Fortis Tyres Ltd is a specialist supplier of premium industrial and OTR tyres. The company’s management team has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and marketing of major industrial tyre brands. Today Fortis Tyres is an affiliated partner to one of the largest solid industrial and OTR tyre manufacturers in China. The factory was founded in 1958 and is specialized in industrial tyres, developing and producing the Virtus and Samson brands of solid and pneumatic industrial tyres.

The factory in China possesses excellent product development capacities, complete test facilities, state of the art rubber processing equipment and a complete quality assurance system in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our products have been certified by various relevant international authorities through internationally recognised standards such as DOT and ECE.

In 1999, the Chinese factory started a 10 year co-operation with British based Watts Industrial Tyres, producing Watts brand solid tyres under technology for this period and has regularly employed foreign specialists as technical advisors. The products’ technical specifications conform to European ETRTO, American TRA and Japanese JATMA standards. Each tyre has a serial number indicating its own manufacturing date, raw material batch used, as well as the manufacturing equipment and individual press operator, guaranteeing full traceability of our product.

Furthermore, as well as developing and producing an extensive range of solid (resilient and press-on) industrial tyres , we can offer a wide range of industrial/OTR pneumatics, as well as specialist compound solid tyres including non-marking white and anti-static. Yearly production capacity is in excess of 400,000 tyres with over 50% of the total production being exported on a worldwide basis. In addition to supplying a thriving domestic market, the factory supplies products and services to many of the major forklift manufacturers in China such as TCM, HYSTER, NICHIYU, HYUNDAI, LINDE, HELI, MITSUBISHI & HTC.

In addition to working with China, Fortis Tyres, as an independent supplier, also works with factories in India and Sri Lanka, and are proud to be associated with the SUN-TWS Group. The senior management of Fortis believe in a “multi-brand” approach, thus enabling them to offer their client base the most suitable product for the market in question at the most affordable price. As a result of this philosophy, Fortis have secured the distribution for selected markets of additional brands such as “Xtra”, “Sunbear”,”Rigor”, “Talon” and “Numa”. More details regarding these products can be found in the “Products” section of our web site – Fortis Tyres, the independent, multi-brand wholesaler of specialist industrial and OTR tyres.